Jen and Kat



Jen and Kat are an American pop rock duo that consists of sisters Jeni Niquette and Kyndi Niquette, known for their tight blood harmony and stage chemistry. Jen and Kat are also professional actresses (SAG-AFTRA). In addition to solo acting work, the lookalike sisters often play twins in TV shows/commercials. Acting and modeling credits include work with MTV, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Summit Entertainment, Music Choice, Teen Vogue, Five Star/Mead, +. (More info on Wikipedia)

In March 2015 Jen and Kat's first music single, Better Place, was released worldwide, and in November 2015 their four-song electropop EP entitled Here and Now followed suit (available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon MP3, iHeartRadio, Spotify, +). In November 2017, Jen and Kat released their debut album, The Sound of Goodbye, making a return to their acoustic pop roots, a style first heard in their 2015 single. Their music Vines have been viewed over 21 million times.